Thassos - Thassos island

Thassos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, with a rich natural beauty, traditional houses, narrow winding streets in the traditional villages, restaurants and taverns serving traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine and local specialities. The vibrant night life and the hospitality of the locals help to complete the picture!
The Old Harbour of Thassos, Greece: From the older days Thassos had two harbors, one for trading and commercial purposes and the other for military purposes. The ancient naval port is mostly referred to as old harbor and it is closed now. The foundations of round towers from the ancient harbor can still be seen on the quay.
The ancient theatre was constructed in a natural cavity of the hill in Limenas. The very first excavation took place in 1921 by a French Archaeological School. During that process, the hollowness of the rock was revealed along with the orchestra, the parodos and a part of a scene.
The ancient agora of Thassos discovered by the French archaeological school with excavations in the period 1948-1955. The built of the agora began in the 4th century BC and was completed in the 2nd century BC. Agora was built near the ancient port and was the heart of the ancient city of Thassos. It was the commercial, political and religious center of the island. Three gates of the ancient market ensured access to the port.
Thassos island has large sandy beaches and some pebble or rocky beaches.